Winning photos of AIPP Silver Lining Awards 2020 will remind you that there’s still beauty in this world

Leon O’Neil/AIPP 2020

I think we can all agree that this year has been quite a mess. With gloomy news coming from all sides, it’s easy to forget that this world still has a lot of beauty to offer. Well, winners of this year’s AIPP Silver Lining Awards are here to remind you of that.

“Circumstances have forced us to change the way we work, play, behave and interact,” write the organizers of the contest. “One thing that has not changed, however, is our need for creative expression.” The current situation has changed plans for AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) when it comes to the live event that follows it. However, the contest is still there, and this year’s winners and runner-ups have been announced in 12 categories.

  1. Abstract
  2. Celebration
  3. Goods and Services
  4. Isolated
  5. Journeys
  6. Life
  7. Newcomer
  8. Photo Illustration
  9. Places
  10. Portrait
  11. Student
  12. Wild

Like most this year’s events, the AIPP Epson State Awards were canceled and the planning for the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) is currently suspended. However, the Awards Committee believes that this is an opportunity to channel the challenges now facing us all into a communal outpouring of creative energy. “So, let’s ignore the clouds and focus on the silver lining,” they note.

The objective of the 2020 contest is not only to showcase Australia’s best contemporary professional photography. This year, it’s also about finding the beauty in this new and not so beautiful reality. And if you ask me, this is something we all need right now. So, take a look at the category winners below, and make sure to visit for more beautiful images.

© Jackie Ranken/AIPP 2020 (Abstract, 1st place)

© Leon O’Neil/AIPP 2020 (Celebrations, 1st place)

© Steve Scalone/AIPP 2020 (Goods and Services, 2nd place – 1st place has been retracted from publication)

© KarenWaller/AIPP 2020 (Isolated, 1st place)

© Brian Hodges/AIPP 2020 (Journeys, 1st place)

© KarenWaller/AIPP 2020 (Life, 1st place)

© Ruth Woodrow/AIPP 2020 (Newcomer, 1st place)

© Kris Anderson/AIPP 2020 (Places, 1st place)

© Forough Yavari/AIPP 2020 (Photo illustration, 1st place)

© Forough Yavari/AIPP 2020 (Portrait, 1st place)

© Anna Luscombe/AIPP 2020 (Student, 1st place)

© Scott Portelli/AIPP 2020 (Wild, 1st place)