The Panasonic S5 product images leak ahead of this week’s official announcement

Well, it wasn’t much of a surprise, really, was it? Images always seem to leak a couple of days ahead of official announcements these days. This time, it’s the Panasonic S5’s turn. The complete specs for the new camera were leaked a couple of weeks ago, and Panasonic teased us with an S5 trailer in the last few days, stating that it’s aimed at content creators.

Now we know what the whole thing looks like, and it looks like they might’ve gotten it right. At least, it has a flippy out LCD and not the tilting LCD of its S1 cousins. But I don’t think they’re really aiming it at the entry-level with this one.

As usual, the images come via Nokishita, and show the new Panasonic S5 from all angles, including the flippy out LCD. There are also images of the mini tripod grip that you can use to control your camera with just one hand – or at least start and stop recording. We also see how the DMW-BGS5 vertical shooting grip for the S5 will look – for those that also want to use it for a bit of portrait photography.

An official announcement is coming on September 2nd, although at this point, with the photos above and the specs having been leaked a couple of weeks ago, the only real missing information is the price – which is suspected to be around $2,000.

If the rumoured price is true, and I’ve no reason to believe that it isn’t, then they’re certainly not aiming this at entry-level YouTubers. More so towards those that are actually generating some kind of income from shooting video on their cameras for social media. It will be interesting to see how good the AF performance is on this and if it can entice a legion of vloggers away from the Panasonic GH5.

[via Nokishita]