The Machine Elf

Passport Sunday

I think you’re gonna love today’s video if you’re a Passport Sunday member. I usually never release things before they are finished, but today you can see something new!

Check out Machine Elf on TRIPP

Head on over to to see the latest Machine Elf releases on that site in VR!

Open Heart

Here’s an early look at Machine Elf 36. It’s not finished yet… you’ll notice it cuts off at an annoying time… sorry about that. Believe it or not, this render took about 6 days on Stu’s computer! That’s 6 days of 100% GPU use on pretty much the fastest graphics card available to consumers! Sorry about that, Stu.

Daily Photo – The Machine Elf Website

Head on over to the inchoate site Machine Elf to see some of my newest creations. This has taken a small eternity to create, and I hope you love it!

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