The Library of Congress wants your photos of COVID-19 life

If you have been documenting life in the USA during the current COVID-19 pandemic, you can now contribute to The Library of Congress. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a professional photographer or just snap photos for fun with your phone: The Library of Congress would like to see what you took and include your photos in its gallery.

It’s pretty easy to participate, although you’d have to be a Flickr member. You should simply join the “COVID-19 American Experiences” group on Flickr, submit your photos, and that’s it. You can add up to five photos or graphic artworks, and Library curators will review all submissions. The photos they select will be added to both Library’s Flickr group photo pool and to its permanent collections.

The Library of Congress encourages you to assign your photos a Creative Commons license such as “Attribution-NonCommercial.” This would enable the Library to display the photos in larger sizes on its website if they are selected for acquisition. Also note that you shouldn’t submit NSFW photos, but rather those that are safe for all audiences.

So, what kind of topics should you include? Here are some suggestions from Flickr Blog, although you’re not limited only to these:

“Pictures related to protective measures, online birthday parties, street scenes, distance learning, panic buying, lost jobs and new kinds of jobs, child care and elder care, etc. along with expressions of anxiety and sorrow, hope and humor.”

You can find full rules for entry on The Library of Congress’ dedicated group. When you add photos there, note that you are automatically giving the Library permission to add your photos to its permanent collections, its website, and the Flickr account.

So, are you gonna contribute?

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[via Flickr Blog]