Out of Chicago Live Online Photography Workshop Weekend!

Hey gang! Looking for some new ways to take advantage of a global pandemic that’s got you stuck inside instead of out on the street? Here’s a great online event coming up soon. The Out of Chicago In-depth Photography Workshop Weekend is guaranteed to get you motivated and to amp up your photography skills. Our friend Valérie Jardin (who will also be teaching topic of unleashing the power of limitations with Chris Marquardt for four hours) describes it this way:

“30+ advanced sessions from over 50 world-class photographers. Gain new perspectives as two instructors, not one, lead each session and share with you their individual methods and practices on a favorite topic. Assignments will be given to get you out to shoot and return for an epic day of image reviews that highlight what you learned.”

Sounds like an amazing opportunity! “Deep Dive Sessions” take place August 21-23, 2020 and “Epic Image Reviews” are going on September 2-3, 2020. Find out more details at the official website. And don’t forget that if you already subscribe to Valérie’s emails, you have a special discount offer for the weekend waiting in your inbox!

Happy shooting everyone!