Other people’s forgotten clothes turn this octogenarian couple into fashion icons

What happens to clothes that people forget at the laundry? Well, in Wansho Laundry in Taiwan, it turns the place’s owners into fashion icons. Chang Wan-ji (83) and Hsu Sho-er (84) started posing in clothes that people forgot at their laundry, and they soon became an Instagram sensation.

The couple’s grandson Reef Chang had an idea to make an Instagram account for his grandparents. The business not only started to slow down due to the current pandemic, but his grandparents also couldn’t go outside. He wanted to do something to cheer them up and help them fight boredom. So, he became their stylist and photographer, and their photos quickly went viral.

Mr. Chang and Mrs. Hsu pose at the place where everything started – their laundry. The backdrops are washing machines, clean clothes, walls, and windows of their small business. They come up with fun, colorful, and often somewhat matching creations. And the very heart and soul of each photo are their smiles.

The couple’s Insatgram account WANT SHOW as young counts 503,000 followers at the moment of writing this. Their grandson says that he was very surprised with the follow and people’s reactions. “I had no idea so many foreigners would take interest in my grandparents,” he told The New York Times. Still, I can see why people enjoy this account. And I hope we’ll get to see plenty more fasion creations and smiles on Mr. Chang and Mrs. Hsu’s faces.

[via The New York Times]