My Personal Best: New York Street Photographer Alexandra Avlonitis

My Personal Best: New York Streeet Photographer Alexandra Avlonitis

“Photography has one leg in painting and one leg in life but the two things must be combined.” – Brassaï

I began studying photography in 2015 after years as a fine art painter. Schooled in the essential elements of painting — color, light, and composition — it was not a difficult transition. Whether inside the studio or out, the artistic toolbox was the same.

As a native New Yorker, the genre of street photography was a natural fit.

I had always been captivated by the hum and buzz of the street; the energy of unremitting commerce; the mash-up of peoples and cultures. With a camera in place of a paintbrush, I could capture the endlessly fascinating drama unfolding in the public sphere, both at home and abroad.

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