magic paint craft for kids

Today I have a totally cool kids craft that will have you doing all the heart eyes! It’s a magic paint craft that kids and adults will both love! 

This is seriously like magic! Just the watch the instagram video below to see the magic in action!


Supplies to make magic art

    • Rubbing alcohol
    • paint
    • black paint
    • canvas or paper


How to make magic art

Prep the canvas

Start by covering your canvas or paper in paint.

Change it up. The different color combos will make the splotchy magic look awesome.

Let Dry.

How to make the magic splotches

Let’s make magic. You need to have the supplies ready because this part is all together. Put a little alcohol in a cup with a paint brush (you can try using a spray bottle or eye dropper.) Black paint makes the splotches pop the most, but you can try using other solid colors. You are going to add a little water and water it down. You might want to try this on a scrap to make sure you aren’t too watery or not enough. BEFORE THE PAINT DRIES- add the drops of alcohol.

I’m not sure why the alcohol reacts with the paint/water….but when you splash it down….man oh man it’s just so darn amazing!

It makes some very cool abstract artwork!

Seriously try it and tell me it’s not one of the coolest things to watch!

Here is an image to pin if you want to save it for later!

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