Impending EOS M50 Mark II is confirmed and latest specs leak shows no IBIS

Despite rumours that Canon is planning to kill off their APS-C EOS M mirrorless camera product line, the impending release of the Canon EOS M50 Mark II has been confirmed according to Nokishita, who tweeted a few days ago that it’s been added to Canon’s latest product list.

There have been rumours about an M50 Mark II for a little while now, but so far we hadn’t seen any solid specs. Now, Canon Rumors is reporting a new specs leak that looks pretty enticing for EOS M shooters – and potentially a worthy replacement for the dead EOS 7D DSLR series for some photographers.

  • 32.5mp APS-C CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC X (maybe a new version)
  • 14fps
  • 4K @ 60p no crop
  • No IBIS
  • Similar EVF resolution as the EOS R6
  • Single SD card slot

Sure, it’s not quite going to be an EOS 7D Mark II replacement for some shooters. For a start, the lack of dual card slots will be off-putting – especially to those shooting sports for press who want to send jpgs to one card for fast dissemination while saving raw files to the other for potential future use when they’re back home on their computers. But when it comes to the shooting speed and autofocus capabilities (at least with native lenses), it looks like it may have the 7D Mark II beat.

The other disappointing thing is the lack of IBIS. Sure, the 7D Mark II didn’t have this either, but in mirrorless cameras today, it’s kind of expected – and especially from Canon, seeing as it’s taken them so long to implement it in any of their cameras and how much of a big deal they’ve been making about it.

4K 60fps with no crop, however, is going to be a big bonus to vloggers – assuming they’re shooting with a stabilised lens – over the original EOS M50 which had a 4K crop even tighter than the 2x crop of Micro Four Thirds. But with no crop, the EOS M50 Mark II with the old Canon 10-18mm and the EF to EF-M adapter (or the much less expensive Viltrox alternative), it could be a fantastic combo.

Of course, suggesting that it might be a decent vlogging camera does presume the existence of a microphone socket on the M50 Mark II. It hasn’t been confirmed either way, but let’s remain at least slightly hopeful.

According to the rumour from a few months ago, the announcement of the EOS M50 Mark II is expected at some point during Q4 2020, although that may just be for Japan. The rest of us may not see it until 2021.

[via Canon Rumors]