Caravelle Beer Labeling by Graphic Design Studio Hey

Graphic design studio Hey has developed an eye-catching beer labeling design for Caravelle, which is based on striking graphics inspired by the Mediterranean landscape.

Based in Barcelona, Caravelle is a restaurant that caters to a wide range of modern tastes including dining, brunch, smokehouse, specialty coffees, and nano-brewery.

At the end of 2017, they wanted to expand the branding of their craft beer range. Their aim was to create a visual brand and packaging experience based on a single generic label with a clear identity that could be used for each different label in the existing range of six beers.

Caravelle beer labeling by graphic design studio Hey.

For the whole project, graphic design studio Hey created different labels that share the same revitalized design code. A landscape series of gradient layers with different color palettes that recreate the seasons and part of the daylights. This way, studio Hey has created a connection between the different ingredients and flavors of their beers. Below you can find a few images. For more, please visit the website of the graphic design studio Hey or follow them on Instagram.

Caravelle beer labeling by graphic design studio Hey.
Caravelle beer labeling by graphic design studio Hey.

All images © by graphic design studio Hey. You can find other inspiring work in our Graphic Design, Branding, and Packaging Design categories.

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