A Cinematic Narrative Photographer’s Fresh Take On The World

Who is Aakaash Bali?

Aakaash Bali is a cinematic narrative fine art photographer, based in Long Island, New York.

After pursuing a pre-med tract in college, he opted to go into political science and law, before fully embracing photography.

“I essentially gave up a law degree to chase my passion,” he said in a text message after the interview.

Speaking With Aaakaash Bali

What Does Cinematic Narrative Look Like?

Dinner On Fire

Fire In The Kitche, Cinematic Narrative Photography

Reaching For The Door

Waiting By The Pepsi Machine, Cinematic Narrative Photography

Walking In The Dark

Woman, Bathed In Orange Light

Woman In Blue, Cinematic Narrative Photography

The Shadow District

Initially, The Shadow District, “was born out of a need for peace, quiet, and time for myself,” says Bali.

After the interview I admited to the following:

In all your work (yours, Crewdson’s, Woodman’s and Hamilton’s), there is a sort of sadness that lingers in each frame.

To that Bali responded with the following:

The sadness creates that heavy “substance” that I believe is something human nature craves. For the same reason we enjoy watching drama films, or tragic films. It isn’t so much that we crave the sadness, but we crave the substance, the “weight”.

The Shadow District

The Shadow District

The Shadow District

The Shadow District

The Shadow District

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Photographers Mentioned

Gregory Crewdson

Nicky Hamilton

Kate Woodman

Movies Mentioned

The Grand Budapest Hotel [Aff]

The Shape of Water [Aff]

Gear Mentioned

Fujifilm GFX 100 [Aff]

Sony A7rIII [Aff]

Godox AD600 [Aff]

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